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underground utility pipeline


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        The Van Dyke Corporation is a small business that specializes in underground utilities, pipeline, including water, sewer and storm drain.   We also perform work on high temp hot water, chilled water, HVAC, plumbing, grading, earth work, asphalt, specialty concrete and septic systems. Our extensive septic division   is equipped to work on   leach lines, seepage pits, septic tank installations and repair, sewer inspection and certifications, rooter service as well as septic and drain cleaning .  

Our company is comprised of hard working, experienced professionals.   Our Class A Engineering has allowed us to plan and complete many large scale pipeline construction projects. We have been fortunate enough to work on jobs such as Southern California Pipeline, and Coachella Pipeline. With our crew we are not limited to just pipeline jobs; we also have experience in constructing parking structures, site prep, domestic and space heating systems, drywells, fire hydrants and much more.

  The  company was established by Homer Van Dyke in 1959, in 29 Palms California.   In 1978, it was purchased by his son, David Van Dyke, who is still the current  President and CEO.   In August of 1983 we became incorporated in the state of California.   We hold contractors licenses in: California #565576 - Class A, C20, C34 and C36 and Nevada #68990 - Class A7, A12, A15 and A19.






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If you need pipeline, pipeline construction, underground utilities, water lines, sewer lines, storm drains, storm water, fire hydrants, Class A engineering, high temp hot water piping, HTHW, drywells, earthwork, grading, concrete, asphalt, septic systems: leach lines, seepage pits, septic tank  installation, repair, rooter service, sewer inspection and certificates,   septic cleaning and septic drain cleaning, septic tank abatement contact Van Dyke Corp.    




Underground Utility Pipeline




underground utility pipeline



Underground Utility Pipeline

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